Cute and Creative Hats with Joey Cochran

Joey hats

Our feature knitter for this rainy April is Joey Cochran, an avid volunteer for Passing Hats who has developed a unique signature with her adorable character hats. Joey started knitting hats through her love of crochet, quilting and other crafts.

“I was looking for an outlet for something I could make,” says Joey. “I found Passing Hats on the Internet through a search and then spoke to Ellen. Ellen is the one who got me so enthusiastic about making hats. She is so dedicated to her cause and that enthusiasm rubs off.”

Joey says she enjoys sitting on her couch at night after work with her husband and being able to create something she feels good about.

“Hats are fun to make,” says Joey. “They don’t involve a huge amount of time for each hat. So you can make a bunch and feel like you are accomplishing something.”

Joey hopes something she knits will make someone smile.

“We all know people who have medical challenges,” says Joey. “I like to crochet cute character and flower hats for patients. I hope my hats will show a person that there are people who care about them.”

Passing Hats is lucky to have volunteers like Joey who bring unique ideas that spread love and smiles to many different kinds of patients who need a lift in their day. We are thankful to have her with our organization!

Story by Christen Dennis