Hebron High School Give back to the community day with PASSING HATS

hebron hs

Volunteers of all ages came out for Hebron High School’s Community Day on March 19th to knit hats for Passing Hats growing pile of cancer donations. From students to staff members, knitters gathered from 9am to 12pm Saturday to contribute hats to this expanding organization. Kids and teachers alike were excited about the opportunity to help and showed passion about the cause.

“It’s a good way to help our local community and other places that need the help,” said Kathy, a student at Hebron. “We are still young and there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.”

Many students were provided their first loom and learned how to knit on the spot.

“It was really easy to learn and fun to pick up,” said Cindy, a fellow student at Hebron. “It’s really relaxing as well. I hope the kids get these hats and smile, and hope it just makes their day better. By making these hats it shows our support.”

Students and staff at Hebron spent the morning looming hats for Passing Hats donations, something truly helpful to the organization and to cancer patients across our community.

“It’s actually really fun,” says Beyong, a student at Hebron.“My mom is a breast cancer survivor and she knits at home. I’m able to now understand why she knits so much!”

Others attending the Community Day had similar reasons for getting involved in volunteering for cancer. Bernadette’s mother Loraine recently had a massive stroke that left her almost completely paralyzed. When Bernadette arrived at the hospital to tend to her mother, she was greeted by over 50 fellow supporters and well-wishers of her mom. Always one to believe in God and community service, Bernadette carries out her mother’s legacy of volunteering and caring for those around her by pouring her heart and soul into service work and praying for her mother.

Passing Hats was overwhelmed by the love and support we received and witnessed during the Hebron Community Day event, something we hope to continue to spread throughout Texas.

Story by Christen Dennis