Rites of Passage Program for Girls


This past Saturday afternoon Ropp for Girls had their closing ceremony. The ceremony consisted of prayer, scriptures, dance, presentations and acknowledgements.  I enjoyed watching as the microphone was passed from girl to girl as they stated what they were interested in becoming as a profession. Lawyers, doctors, dancers, actors were just a few.  They also got to state what class they enjoyed most. Healthier cooking, dancing, public speaking, volunteering at the food bank and of course Passing Hats. One young lady enjoyed making her hats because she lost an aunt to cancer and this was her way of giving back.  Another portion of the ceremony was when the parents got called up to the stage and the fathers presented bracelets to their daughters.


During the presentation portion I was called up for Passing Hats and Rheta Norman did a great presentation telling the audience about Passing Hats and who the recipients of the hats were. There were a few moms who also were making hats for us. They loved the idea of doing something in the evenings when the TV was on. It was also great for stress reduction one mom stated. There were a total of 101 hats made this school year. I look forward to working with ROPP for Girls again next school year.