We at Passing the Hat are grateful

This has been an outstanding year and we are very grateful.

We are grateful for:

  • all our generous volunteers who spend hours knitting (looming) hats.
  • partnering with American Cancer Society
  • partnering with Farmer Business Solutions

I am excited to announce that this year 2014 we have made over 7,000 hats from our talented volunteers.

We have also included 4 new locations in East Texas where the hats are being distributed.

This has been an amazing year. Today will be our first directors meeting so we can set up for an amazing  2015.  Our main goal is to  add on more sites where hats will be delivered and starting new knitting (looming) groups. We will work on fundraising so we can continue to grow .

We are looking for  funding, yarn donations and both individuals and groups who would like to knit, crochet or learn how to loom.