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Last August, I contacted the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. I saw their Faces of Hope program on Facebook and the beautiful bag they give to newer patients. They loved the idea of us adding a hat to each bag. Here we are a year later. scroll down to see what they added about Passing Hats.

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Welcome to the July issue ofNOCC’s TEAL Talk Newsletter!
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Nearly all walkers or runners have been touched by ovarian cancer — a mom, a sister, a best friend, a wife, a daughter, or themselves—and in an instant, their lives were changed. The 2023 Together in TEAL community helps connect survivors, caregivers, friends, and legacy families from coast to coast – EVERYWHERE AS ONE! When you register for Together in TEAL, you’ll be changing lives, both your own and those you’ll touch with funds and awareness raised. Together in TEAL is your chance to show the world that we are stronger together, and we will not stop until we have created a world where no one ever loses their life to ovarian cancer. Join us at a local event or from wherever you are, and walk alongside people like Nancy, a five-year
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July 2023 Creative Ideas
Communication & CaregivingJoin us for the month as we offer valuable tips on effective communication for caregivers, empowering them to advocate for themselves and their loved ones. We will provide a range of resources to support caregivers in their journey.
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Team Teal Conquers Mt. Kilimanjaro!A huge congratulations to Team TEAL for their incredible achievement of summiting Mount Kilimanjaro! This past weekend, six ovarian cancer survivors, five legacy family members, and four caregivers conquered 19,341 feet to reach the peak. Let’s honor their remarkable journey as they take hope to new heights, raise awareness, and celebrate life experiences together! 🏔️💙
Thank You, Passing Hats!We would like to extend our gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful work of the volunteers at Passing Hats for providing cozy hats for ovarian cancer survivors through our Faces of Hope cancer care packages! These bring comfort and touch the lives of individuals going through a challenging journey. Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail are evident in every hat you create. The soft fabrics, vibrant colors, and comfortable designs not only offer practical protection from the elements but also serve as a symbol of hope and resilience. Thank you!
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What Is A Cancer Care Team?An extended cancer care team consists of different types of professionals who work together to provide comprehensive care to cancer patients. These roles may include doctors, nurses, social workers, patient navigators, and more. Each team member brings unique skills and knowledge to help patients navigate their cancer journey, manage symptoms, and improve their overall well-being. Join us in September for our Ask the Experts Facebook Live session to learn how these professionals can support you or your loved ones with cancer.
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Teal Cares NetworkAre you a caregiver seeking support and connections? Teal Cares Network is here for you! This virtual group provides support to those who share the role of caregiver in a professionally-led group. Join our nurturing community of understanding caregivers. Feel safe, supported, and connected with others who share similar experiences.
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Comfort For The MindDo you need help coping with the emotional and mental challenges of ovarian cancer? TEAL Comfort for the Mind provides two months of complimentary virtual counseling by licensed professionals to anyone impacted by an ovarian cancer diagnosis. Reach out today and take advantage of this valuable service.
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Sponsorships - Newsletter
Are you connected to a company that is dedicated to social impact efforts? Email amatthews@ovarian.org for more information about our Together in Teal opportunities. With brand visibility and employee engagement activities, this is a wonderful way to make a critical impact on our teal community!
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