2022 Another Great Year

I want to thank all our volunteers for the amazing job they have done once again. We have made and
distributed 11,161 hats.
We are also very grateful for all our yarn donations this year. We were able to receive 324 skeins of yarn donated and 18 pounds of yarn. These donations are a huge help to us.

Welcome to our newest volunteers in Arizona. We were able to pick up 3 more hospitals. This year we also picked up two Ronald McDonald houses, one in Denver and one in Aurora.
I am excited to announce we are working with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and their Faces of Hope program. They are distributing teal bags to new patients all over the country, and we will
have one of our teal hats in them. We are donating hats once a quarter, and for the last two quarters, we were able to donate 514 hats. We are hoping to get that number to about 300 or more a quarter. Also on our Passing Hats Facebook page, I have been asking for patients to just tell us what state they are from. It has been a bit difficult on Facebook for them to reply being they change things up too often. I am hoping things may change once again or you younger folks know what to do.

Comments from patients:

-Thank y’all so much, our men and women are so thankful for your work and donations to Texas Oncology in Carrollton.

-Thanks for the hats from a Rockwall patient

-Thank you for the hat. We are at the Hope Lodge in Dallas. Your donations are appreciated! 

-thank you!! My dad forgot his beanie today and he was so happy when I saw your hats. It helped keep him warm

-You’re Hats is very beautiful, and very well made,

-Thank you so much for what you do for us. I wear these at night, because my head is always cold, when the braids are down.
God Bless your work.

– Hi my name is xxxxx and I have stage 2 breast cancer. I received your beautiful hat and I appreciate the beautiful gift. I’m going to proudly rock my pink hat while I’m going through chemo treatment and after treatment. Again thank you for what you do

Lastly, I want to say A huge thank you to all our volunteers and to those who deliver hats, pick up hats and distribute supplemental yarn. We could not do this program without you.