Passing the Hat is Celebrating

4 Years

I am very excited to announce in March we celebrate 4 years of making hats for cancer patients. We started with 8 individuals and now have over 100 who are knitting, crocheting and looming hats. We started with 1 location and now have over 20 where we donate our hats including  Florida and Arizona.

As Passing the Hat program continues to grow I ask WHO ARE YOU #PASSINGHATS FOR? Responses I have gotten: in memory of, in honor of, I just want to give back.

We would love to hear who you are #PassingHats for. Tell us on Twitter, our Facebook page, or leave a comment below.

Almost all of us know someone who is currently battling, survived, just diagnosed, or passed on. I’m writing this to tug on some heart strings and to celebrate those survivors. We are continuing to grow in size (number of knitters, crocheters, and loomers) We are in need of your support. We need yarn. Your generous donations will be used for our much needed yarn and a handful of looms and bands for our Kids Club.

On behalf of all cancer patients both adult and children I want to Thank You.

Donations can be made at: