Being Grateful

We at Passing Hats are very grateful to Thrivent Financial for the grant they gave us. We were able to purchase 58 skeins of yarn. With this donation, we will be able to make approximately 328 hats that will be given to cancer patients.

We are always looking for soft yarn donations except for wool. We are a small non-profit which is totally voluntary. Every dollar donated goes directly to purchasing supplies to make hats. In 2019 we had over $12,000.00 in yarn donations alone. It is with your generosity that allows us to continue our mission, which is placing a hat on a cancer patients’ head. We love hearing from patients and seeing the smiles on their faces with one of our hats on their head. Since we began in March of 2011, we have made and donated over 92,000 hats. We are hoping by the end of this year to surpass 100,000. (no pressure)

We are grateful for all of our volunteers making hats. Having our group classes makes this all worth while. I have met such wonderful giving individuals over the years. Some volunteers get to collect hats, while others deliver hats to cancer hospitals and infusion centers. We also have volunteers who teach our group classes. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for having such great individuals helping me grow this organization. We are currently in over 55 locations mainly in Texas, Colorado.

Once this virus has eased up, we will hopefully be able to continue gathering for group classes. We will be looking for those who sew, to sew soft cotton/jersey hats which make great sleeping hats and patients love them for the summer months. Contact me at if you are interested. If we are not in your state as of yet we can always add in more facilities. We are always looking for those who knit, crochet or if you want to learn how to loom, there are a few short videos on this website with simplistic instructions.

Thank you again to all of you helping us out!!